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June Birthdays (Life is What Happens to You……)

June birthdays in the Buzzy’s Country Store family include my niece Jeannie Hofmeister 1 June; grandson Shawn (left) 2 June; sister Donna Jean 12 June; and nephew Todd Taylor 28 June. Also on the Buzzy calendar for this month are Jerry Norris 8 June; Cheryl Trossbach on 18 June; and Richard Mandeville’s Sheryl 22 June.

Good time also to post (below) John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy song to his son Sean. It always was my favorite Lennon song even before having a Grandson named Shawn and contains the best line Lennon ever wrote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”    

(P.S.  Although it may look like he is a member of a team of misspelled regrets – the Rewers – Shawn’s team is actually named the Brewers! 

Shawn on first base with his Uncle Brady coaching.

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