Here Come the Suns

My Favorite Sun Decorated by Daughter-in-Law Molly

Only a little late here but in recognition of last week’s Winter Solstice I wanted to do something on  my sun collection some of which are shown aboveI started picking up a souvenir sun years ago whenever I would visit a country with Buzzy, who could never understand it.  “Remember, you have to tote that all the way home” he’d tell me as I’d select a new one to buy.  His words of caution  would stay with me as I wrapped, packed and unpacked the new sun at places along our tour.  (I learned to hold off buying one until we were near the end  of the tour.)

Saw a quote somewhere about positive people being those who carry their own sunshine with them regardless of the weather.  Guess you can say I take that literally! 

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