Final Four – For the Birds

For those sporting events where I really don’t care which team wins, I’ll always root for the bird. A lifelong Orioles’ fan, that is until Peter Angelos screwed everything up, and now a Ravens’ man, I naturally side with the ornithological based teams.  Eagles, Blue Jays, Seahawks, Falcons, hell I’ve even rooted for the Blue Hens of Delaware U, Joe Flacco’s alma mater.  (Yes there is even  a website for bird-named sports teams click here.)

Thus, in today’s Final Four I like the Louisville Cardinals in the first game and the Kansas Jayhawks in the second.  Most of the experts and odds makers are  saying that these two are the underdogs, so it makes my bird-brained picks a little more fun.  Did get wondering though what the hell is a Jayhawk  click here. (Also, for a “stripped down” view of the FF, check this out click here.  Bubbles the stripper doesn’t think much of Louisville but she does like Kansas.)

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