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OK, the title alone (left) was enough to lure me into clicking on it, but this is a pretty good article on Conway Twitty courtesy of  It even includes a couple of Conway’s videos which I’ll leave up to you to pursue.

Nothing that Conway ever recorded impressed me very much – let alone made me ever consider taking off any of my underwear.  However, he does remind me of this joke that my buddy John Carbone tells:

A new preacher who looked just like Conway Twitty decided to visit some of his church members who hadn’t been to service recently.  He went to the first house and knocked on the door. When a lady answered the door, she said, “Conway Twitty!”

No, ma’am,” he replied. “I’m your new pastor, and I just stopped by to have a prayer with you.” She invited him right in. He visited several more homes, and everyone thought he was Conway Twitty.

Eventually, he came to a house that was the residence of a young widow. When the Reverend knocked on her door, the young widow was taking a shower. Hearing the knock, she just wrapped a towel around herself, ran to the door and threw it open.

When she saw her caller, she threw up her hands – which allowed the towel to fall to the floor putting all her wonderful young and luscious curves on display. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “It’s Conway Twitty!”

The preacher just smiled and said, “Hello, Darlin.”

However, saying it in Russian (“Privet Radost”) just doesn’t sound right.

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