Two Condolence Cards

Today 2 years ago my Mom passed away and still I can’t get over the fact that she’s no longer here. Every day when I drive past her house in the heart of Ridge I look over, think of her and miss her all over again.

After Mom died, I received several very nice condolence cards from various folks. Most of those cards were sent to my Piney Point home address.

However, I received two cards addressed to me at Buzzy’s Country Store. One was from Bruce Henry and one from John Hamill.

I received these two cards on the same day. When I retrieved them from the mail box at the Store I was struck with how similar both envelopes were, how they were even postmarked on the same day 13 November, and how they were both addressed identically. Even their return addresses appeared similar with just their last names of Henry and Hamill listed along with their respective addresses.

Their condolence cards inside the envelopes were similar also in that both not only contained a nice “sorry about-your-loss” message but also each contained a personal note from Bruce and John.

The similarities continued in that they both wrote that while they did not know my Mom personally, they each felt like they did know her from having read about her so often on the Buzzy blog. I was very touched by both of their kind words and pleased that they felt like they knew my Mom by reading about her via the things I had written on the blog.

I have been trying to get a photo of Bruce and John together in Buzzy’s for some time now but haven’t yet managed to do so. John usually drops in early when I’m there, while Bruce rolls in later after I’m gone for the day.

However, here is a photo of Bruce that Pat Adams gave me after seeing it in a recent fishing article in the County Times. I took the one of John in Buzzy’s some time ago.

Thank you Bruce and John for your friendship and kind words during a very trying time. I appreciated it more than you know.

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