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Crossroads Country Stores

Terrell Country Store

The Museum of Albemarle in Elizabeth City, North Carolina sponsored a “Crossroads: Country Stores in the Albemarle Region” Art Contest. To see more info and photos of contest entries and winners click here. Their local paper also did this nice article on it (click here.)

And while I was glad to see all these country stores get some publicity and attention via the Museum’s efforts, I did end up on a down note here when I learned that the Terrell Country Store, now appears to be permanently closed (click here) and is slated for demolition.

The write up accompanying the above drawing is a little tough to read, but I did see the following: “Recently, this quaint old building is in jeopardy of being demolished to the ground in the name of big business and to be replaced with a large scale development.” Talk about being at a crossroads, this would be one!

My only hope is that it is not a Dollar General that is the “large scale development” being planned to replace the old store.

For some reason, this song came to mind just now:

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