That Time of Year – Christmas Movies

I have been conducting a Buzzy survey of folks’ favorite Christmas movies. To date there doesn’t seem to be any consensus other than a little age-based thing going on. Older folks (60 and over) tend to answer with the classics such as It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas and A Miracle on 34th Street. Below 60-ish folks tend to cite movies like Elf, National Lampoon Christmas Vacation and Bad Santa. (Remember, I’m surveying my Buzzy people most of whom are drinking when I ask them to name their favorite movie. That may explain Bad Santa being cited.)

Here then is a good list ranking the all time 20 best Christmas movies. And yes, it contains all of the movies I have mentioned above. However, note that their Number 1 movie, Bill Murray’s Scrooged, has not yet been mentioned by any of my Buzzy people during my very informal survey. Not sure what that says other than I never cared much for it either. (Then again, Murray playing the role of a jaded, cynical, sarcastic and very self-centered bastard of a business man, may be hitting a little too close to home for me to fully appreciate it!)

However, a movie that does get mentioned frequently among my Buzzy folks is Die Hard as in whether or not it is really a Christmas movie. Bottom line – it IS a Christmas movie and please note that “Yipee-ki-yay, mother*#ker!” will always win out over “Ho Ho Ho!”