Memorial Day!

Our Memorial Day party was great fun! Thank you to all who brought food and snacks and special thanks to our Music Man Steve (Polock) Soroka! (I’ll have some party pics uploaded shortly for everyone to view. ) Buzzy joined in with the porch Karaoke Crew and sang along.  He spent the night at Donna and Jerry’s back on the farm where he grew up!

On this day we give special recognition to all Veterans and Servicemen. From 1943 to 1953 Buzzy was in the U.S Army Air Corps – which later became the Air Force. He married my Mom Jean in 1950 and I was a introduced to this world in Enid, Oklahoma where they were stationed in 1951.  My brother Steve was born a year later in Roswell, New Mexico.  Buzzy left the Air Force in 1953 to buy the store from my Grandfather Harry Raley. The rest of the story as they say is history!

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