Lost Lady Finds Way Home via Buzzy’s

This past Thursday night an 85 year old lady named Olga came into the store lost and disoriented looking for “the beltway. ” Concerned for Olga’s well being, Terri called the Sheriff’s Office who sent 2 deputies. The deputies offered to escort Olga to Rt 4 or take her to the hospital; which made Olga even more distraught. Terri closed the store and took Olga home with her to spend the night.

Friday morning shortly after I arrived at the store Terri came by with Olga to retrieve Olga’s car. She said that Joey and she were taking the day off to drive Olga back to the beltway and to where ever she lived. Terri and Joey then drove to the beltway with Joey in the lead and Terri riding with Olga. Olga told Joey that her exit was Silver Spring but wasn’t sure exactly where. Terri checked Olga’s driver’s license and noted a Georgia Avenue address which they ultimately found. Once home, Olga thanked Joey and Terri both of whom encouraged Olga to contact some friends or family before venturing out on her own again!

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