Thanks to All!

Buzzy’s Country Store Car Show/Flag Pole Raising was great fun. Everybody had a good time even with the rainstorm. My thanks to Jimmy, Greg and Bubba Cullison for all their efforts on getting the flag pole vertical in the midst of an oncoming thunder and lightening storm; Steve Pratt, Ron & Steve Lengle for their chef grilling skills – again in the middle of a hard rainstorm; and to our music providers the Bushwood Mill Players – Brenda Elmwood, Annie Jean DiNato, John Garner, Donald Eaton, and the Fearns – Frank, Rich and Joe.

Special thanks to all the participants who brought their cars and bikes. In particular I’d like to thank Roger Ridgell for helping coordinate the logistics of crowding 20 some vehicles into Buzzy’s limited parking area. Thanks to the car show participants – Dickie Cullison, Bobby Wright, Joe Drury, Dickie Wood, Butch Wood, Bubby Johnson, Ray Gagnon, JW Raley, Steve Wilkinson, Joey Porter, Jim Goddard, Bart Mettam, Kevin McKay, Allan Dunbar, Mike Pulliam, John Miller, LP Mecure and last but certainly not least Greg Madjeski (actually the thanks goes to Gloria & Pat Garret for trailering the King Demon to and from the event.)

Thanks to all the bikers too! I didn’t get all of the names but do know that Jimmy Cullison, Jason Aldridge and Johnny Wood (note all those J’s!) and Dale Vallandingham made sure everyone knew they were there as did Clyde Ridgell. (Two days later, Buzzy’s Country Store still has scents of burning rubber!)

Was a fun day and yes we’ll do it again!

Bobby Wright, Marcia & Dickie Wood. (Bushwood Mill Players in the background.)
Jimmy, Bubba and Greg securing the pole.

Steve Wilkinson, Bart Mettam and John Carbone.

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