Rainy Days & Tuesdays

A gray & rainy Tuesday was brightened up when I met my Mom, Judy, J. Frank & Mike Raley to celebrate Mike’s birthday at Cafe Des Artists (Chez Duke.) We had a great lunch and of course talked politics and health care. (We also discussed various reasons why our invites to that night’s State Dinner at the White House somehow must have gotten lost in the mail.)

Later in the afternoon at the Store, Tim Hewitt, Larry Crum and Paul Bishop dropped by to visit. Tim is now retired and living in Tennessee and Paul was home visiting from California. Larry chauffeured them down to the Store and we all enjoyed catching up. I don’t see enough of those guys but when I do it always feels like we pick up right where we left off. Now with them, we talked sports, gambling, & rock & roll! Re: the State Dinner – it wasn’t mentioned!

Put 19 December on your calendar for Buzzy’s Christmas Party. Details to come.

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