Getting Older/Drinking More

The following is from an article ( discussing beer drinking trends:

Compare to fastest growing segment of population: number of 65-74 yr olds will be up 51% over next 10-yrs. Those 55-64 and 75+ will each be up about 20%. So dust off those mktg plans for geriatric crew. Too bad brewers can’t advertise health benefits of moderate beer consumption, because older folks reap the most rewards from drinking.

That ain’t the only important trend that goes against grain of where beer folks currently focus virtually all their mktg. It’s women who are gaining purchasing power. Women will account “for a majority of householders” (what used to be called “head of household” in census). Women are already majority of population and “closing in fast on being a majority of college grads.”

Makes me wonder how old is the dude in the picture above.

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