Honky Tonk Women/Afghan Red

Mention either going to or having been to Amsterdam and the response back from most people will be something along the lines “Did you go to the Red Light District?” or “Did you check out any of their pot shops?” Well as strictly an observer mind you, I can answer affirmatively on both questions.

Since the Red Light District (RLD) was located only a couple blocks from where our cruise ship was docked it was fairly easy to get to. (I’m sure that’s merely a coincidence on the part of the Dutch cruise industry and their tourism board don’t you think. I recall Buzzy telling me of a trip he made to Amsterdam where his assigned roommate Buffalo Bill made several trips to the RLD. “All that son of a bitch wanted to do was go to the Red Light District” Buzzy said.)

In the RLD in addition to the usual bars and nightclubs prevalent in any entertainment district of any big city there are numerous sex shops, “coffee” i.e. pot houses, and of course as advertised women in the windows illuminated by what else – a red light – trying to entice you inside.

The ladies are sitting in windows along the streets and and you can find any size, shape, or color women you like. (I was told the going rate to “rent” a lady is 50 Euros which is about $75 for a 15 minute “session.” Made me wonder how much Buffalo Bill deposited there during his many visits.)

Re: the pot/coffeehouses, it is not legal to smoke it in public on the street but you may do so inside the many cafes there. The scent is so strong coming out of the cafes that you can catch a contact buzz by inhaling deeply and unlike our boy Bill Clinton, I did inhale. It sure made the RLD visit along with the trek back to the boat a very pleasant one indeed.  Think I’ll put Amsterdam on my list of places I would definitely make a second visit to!

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