No Lowenbrau – Lot’s of Stella

Couple guys were in Buzzy’s Country Store the other day and couldn’t believe that there was Lowenbrau for sale in the beer cooler.  They bought all three cases in stock and informed me that they could not find it anywhere else.  (They seemed amused that they had found it at Buzzy’s.)

Yesterday, I dropped in Guy’s Distributing to try and pick up some more Lowenbrau.  Glenn Guy informed me that the dudes were correct in that InBev had stopped exporting Lowenbrau to the States.  He said they were in the process of working it out but for now the bottom line is no Lowenbrau!  Found this link that talks more about it click here

Stella Artois is InBev’s premium beer counterpart to Lowenbrau and there’s lots of that available. Think you see a coincidence here?!

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