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With Major League Baseball’s All Star game set for tonite thought this would be a good time to show you the above picture of yours truly being congratulated by Manager Chuck Titus and teammate Ray Raley. (The player in the white uniform looking down from atop the dugout was named Yukovich (sp?) and later that season he and I were teammates on the All Star team.)

Picture was taken on opening day of the Little League season aboard NAS Pax River. The ceremonies had concluded, teams were introduced, first ball thrown out, National Anthem sung and we started the game. As the visiting team we were up first playing against the home team NAS Indians. I was the lead off batter and when the Indians pitcher threw a fast ball first pitch right down the middle of the plate I swung, somehow made contact and hit it over the left field fence for a lead off home run. First home run I ever hit and fortunately the Navy photographer was on hand to grab this shot of Chuck & Ray congratulating me. (My Grandfather Harry later tracked the print down at the Base Photo Lab and obtained this copy.) It may have been the hi lite of my Little League career, but without this picture around to remind me of it I’m not sure that I would have remembered it! For additional info on the Ridge Orioles click here
Also, here’s a nice Little League baseball video for you:

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