Three for the Road

Couple South County events for you today:  annual Governor’s Cup is underway as I write this early Saturday morning.  At their website click here is a live feed showing the race’s progress and here’s a snapshot of how it appeared at 5 a.m.  Very nice of them to do my favorite letter J around the Point!  (Also I learned in the website that an old buddy of mine Dale Rausch was one of the originators of the race back in 1973.)

Second event is open house at Pt. Lookout Lighthouse click here so if you’re out and about today check the haunted place out.  (Unsaid of course but I’ll state it anyway – stop in Buzzy’s Country Store on your way to or from the Lighthouse!)

And tonite you have the Ridge Fire Department carnival. Stick around to the end and see if you won that bottle of wine Buzzy’s has donated as part of their raffle prizes!

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