The World’s Most Interesting Man – Jimmy Cullison

I’ve mentioned the Dos Equis beer commercials that feature the “World’s Most Interesting Man” (click here) but how about a look at Buzzy’s nomination for the World’s Most Interesting Man – Jimmy Cullison.  Reasons why follow.  (Warning – while many of these are fictional, it’s a little scary the ones that aren’t.  See if you can decide which are true and which are not:)

·  He once drove a motorcycle into the Green Door just because he did not want to pay the $2 cover charge
·  When he disagrees with you, it is because you are wrong.
·  He has crossed the point of no return – on several occasions.
·  He can successfully compare apples to oranges.
·  He once called the doctor because his erection only lasted 3 hours and 57 minutes .
·  He considers the practicing of any skill to be a form of cheating.
·  He gives the cable guy a time range in which to arrive
·  He’s the only one who knows what Willis is talkin about
·  He cuts down trees because they annoy him.    
·  His organ donor card also lists his boat.
·  He has never lost a sock in the dryer.
·  He once went to confession and ended up forgiving the priest.
·  He killed curiosity, because it was looking at his cat weirdly.
·  He texted Bret Favre a picture of his chainsaw.
·  He once sent $2000 to a Nigerian scammer, and actually received his $2.7 million inheritance. 
·  If BP had sent him in a submersible to the damaged gulf oil well, he would have repaired it the first day on the first try.
·  His rice crispies never get soggy…they stay crispy…just for him…
·  He once bought a thesaurus, just to throw it away.
·  Dyslexics consider him doglike
·  A tree once asked him, if it should fall in the woods.
·  When people pay attention to him, he keeps the change.
·  He can order breakfast any time of day at McDonalds.
·  The bulls flat out refuse to chase him.
·  If he ever went to a museum, he’d be allowed to touch things
·  Sharks have a week dedicated to him
·  When he eats ice cream fast, the ice cream gets a headache.
·  His motto is: Safety third.
·  Jesus wears a bracelet that says What would Jimmy do?
·  He’s taken the virginity of countless women………he has never met.
·  He once tamed the Dog Whisperer.
·  He has Chuck Norris on speed dial but refuses to take his calls
·  He shot the Sheriff AND the Deputy.  
·  He knows, who let the dogs out.  
·  At night, the Boogie man checks under his bed for him.
·  He found Big Foot, they smoked a joint.
·  His business card just says I’ll call you.
·  He knows what’s eating Gilbert Grape, because he told him to.
·  He once made a weeping willow laugh.
·  Doing drugs actually made him smarter.
·  He once visited a Psychic…to warn her!
·  He is the only person to find his virginity.
·  If he were to tell you a secret, he really would have to kill you.
· He is the most interesting man in the world.

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