Speaking of Bubba Turning 21

Bubba and Horace McClane at Work

This past Tuesday night Jimmy and Marylou Cullison’s son Bubba turned 21 and bought his first beer at Buzzy’s Country Store.  Bubba also bought a round for everyone else in the Store at the time.  I took a picture of Bubba with my cell phone but despite my feeble attempts to improve it via Photoshop it did come out very well.  However, as I looked for a better picture of Bubba, I came upon the above shot along with several others from a fishing trip we took a couple years back.  Here is the background:

Before I retired from the Base, I decided to hold my own version of  an “offsite” where a work group takes a day away from the work place to go off Base somewhere and discuss how to improve their operations.   Accordingly, I arranged for Jimmy to host our offsite out in the middle of the Bay aboard the Gerry C.   As you can see in the slide show below, it was a very successful offsite!  (That Horace and Buzzy are no longer with us makes viewing these pictures another one of those bittersweet moments however.)

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