Bruno – Mars That Is!

Following a post (click here) I did about looking for an artist named Bruno, my step daughter Jennifer found a Mr. Bruno Mars.  When I was in Hawaii this past week I read that Bruno had learned his trade in Honolulu performing as a young boy at various businesses.  He then worked his way up the entertainment ladder and at last Sunday night’s Grammys was nominated for several awards. Check out his video”Just the Way You Are”.  (For those of you who like me were leery of hearing a re-make of Billy Joel’s “don’t go changing” schlock, rest assured that this is not that song – thank God.  Billy’s tune was probably the cheesiest and smarmiest piece of dreck ever recorded.  I tried unsuccessfully to locate Bill Murray’s Nick the Lounge Singer version of it. Did find however the following Murray video with Gilda, Belushi, Elliot Gould, Dan Akyrod and the current Minnesota Senator Al Franken in it.  Even without the song parody I was looking for this is still pretty good.)

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