You Wouldn’t Smile Either if You Only Won 4 Games

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In recognition of today’s start of March Madness here is a basketball post for you. 

Thanks to Herbie McKay, who gave me this  copy of our old Rykenite high school newsletter, I have evidence of my one and only highlight from my high school basketball career.  In case you can’t read it, in the center of the article it states:

“There was a long wait until the next Knight victory, but when it came, on the first of February, against Calvert County, it was a real thriller.  J. Scott Ridgell sent the game into overtime with a short jumper with six seconds on the clock.  

Even though the author said it was a “short” jumper, it sure seemed like a long one to me. But it went in and we eventually won the game so all was cool.  When you only win 4 games you tend to savor those 4. 

Pictured above, all of us in an unsmiling frame of mind, from left to right back row are Donnie Garner, Herbie Smith, Larry O’Brien, Vinnie Bryant and yours truly. Front row – Cricket Dameron, Greg Glynn, Donnie Curtis, Jim Riches and Tom Russell. 

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