Oakwood Lodge and Dent’s

Good article by Joe Norris click here  on Andy and David Dent’s Tall Timbers Store (click here) and Oakwood Lodge’s Frank and Rick Toth. 

When I first went to work on Base in the early 70’s I worked the night shift with Chief Frank Toth as my boss. I remember him talking about getting out of the Navy and his plans to own and operate the Oakwood Lodge Bar and Restaurant in Piney Point.  Not knowing then that 30 some years later I would do something similar, I recall thinking that Frank’s plan to retire and run a business was a crazy idea.  At the time, I lived in Hollywood and also remembered thinking “Why would anyone want to live in Piney Point?”  However, when I also moved to Piney Point in 1979, just up the beach from Frank’s Oakwood Lodge, I stopped wondering about that too.  

Frank’s son Rick got his start working in the Oakwood Lodge kitchen.  As Joe’s  article states, Rick continues to churn out some great selections for customers at Dent’s Store.  If you are in the area, stop in for lunch or dinner sometime.   

Another point of reference I like about Joe’s article has to do with the whole father-son business relationships.  Just as Rick learned from his father Frank and Andy and David took over the business from their father, I can appreciate all of that!


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