“When the Music Plays….”

Last Friday as I cleaned out the interior of my truck, I found a Moody Blues’ Greatest Hits CD buried beneath some stuff in the center console.  (Scary thing for me is that I can’t recall how or where I got it.)

I popped the disc into the player and wondered if the song that starts off “Once upon a time” would be on the CD.  Sure enough it was the first tune that played.  I hit the repeat button and listened to it several more times during the day riding to and from Mickey and Lori’s house with things for the wedding and back and forth to the Store.   It was only on the way home that evening that I started listening to the rest of the other songs on the cd.

Our friends Norm and Penny were down for Catie and Brady’s wedding.  When we all piled into the truck to head out for dinner, “Tuesday Afternoon” was playing.  Norm recognized it as being the Moody Blues and I told him it was their greatest hits cd.  Norm then asked  “Is Wildest Dreams” on it?  Man, I love that song. It’s my favorite one of theirs.”  I gave him a high five and retracked back to the song.  Needless to say, we listened to it several more times.

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