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Anytime I stumble across something about Amish Quilts I smile as I think of the following:
In another life, in another career many years ago, I had a job that included Public Affairs as part of my job description.   I attended a conference in Crystal City where there was much talk of “synergy” within the Public Affairs community using something called the internet.  It would allow us to share info and blah, blah blah.  We were encouraged to return to our Commands and start looking into how we could take advantage of this new thing  coming down the pike.

When I returned from the conference and ran this by my boss however, she wasn’t too keen on it.  She was “old school” to begin with and when it came to new technology things, she was a little like Ernest and Julio in that she didn’t believe in doing anything before its time.  However, she did agree to let me research it some and get back to her.

I discussed it with the computer boys and arranged for them to give us a demo of what was what and how we could be taking advantage of it.   My boss and I then met with them to see what was “out there.”  

After visiting several DoD and DoN sites, my boss conceded that some value may be gained but she worried “What about folks going on this and goofing off.”  The IT guy said “Well, I’ll show you.  What’s your hobby?”  As she hesitated, I offered “You quilt.  Why not look that up?”  The IT guy entered the search word “quilt,” and the first entry that popped up was “Amish Quilts – For Sale.”  He clicked on it and showed her a collection of nice quilts for sale at a couple hundred dollars apiece.  Now she was impressed, “Wow, they’re getting that much for their quilts! I could do that.”

On the way back to our office she seemed to come around abit as she commented “Well, I guess if the Amish are on the internet selling their quilts, there’s no reason why we can’t be using it too.”   Sometimes, you can never tell what will drive the winds of change.  Check out this Witness variation of a farmer’s daughter story.

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