Eternally Young

Hard to believe that this old gal is still getting it done as she turned 89 last Tuesday.

Stumbled upon this as I did that interweb search thing:
8. She once woke up to find a stalker in her bedroom. On July 9, 1982, a 31-year-old psychiatric patient named Michael Fagan scaled a Buckingham Palace drainpipe and sauntered into Elizabeth’s chambers. The sleeping monarch awoke to find a strange man perched on the edge of her bed, dripping blood from where he had cut his hand while wandering the palace’s dark corridors. Initially unable to reach the police, Elizabeth engaged Fagan in conversation for at least 10 minutes, listening to him chat about his personal problems and relationship with his four children. Finally, a footman roused from his slumber seized the loquacious intruder. It turned out that Fagan, who was ordered to spend six months in a mental hospital, had also crept into the royal residence weeks earlier, making off with a bottle of Prince Charles’ white wine.

Aside from wondering about Her Majesty’s Secret Service protection back then, the name of the intruder reminded me of Donald Fagen from Steely Dan:

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