Trump Two Months In

Today marks two months into the Trump era and I got to say that I don’t think he’s done all that bad a job.  Seriously.  (With a tip of the hat to Swoop.)

 I do not feel this way because of what Trump has done, which is very little other than run his mouth and stir up a pile  of stupid crap, but because of what he has not done.
First off, any Cabinet of his that did not include the likes of Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich nor Sarah Palin in it, I think is a pretty good cabinet.   Early on, after the election, it looked like all of those has beens and never was’es were in line to play some sort of role on the DT team and that truly scared me.  (Although Sarah as Department of Ed Secretary would have been fun.)  By ignoring all of them, in effect the Don fired them before he hired them. So give him credit for that even if he’s still got nitwit Kellyanne hanging around.  (Wonder what the over/under is on her being put out to pasture?  Six months maybe?)

A second thing that Trump has not done that I give him credit for is not propose any legislation.  Granted he has signed some Executive Orders and has produced a half baked budget, but other than that – nada.  No jobs bill, no tax cut bill, no infrastructure bill.  Maybe a little less tweeting and little more attention to what he promised to do would result in some results.  As is, Trump’s been all talk.  But that’s ok.

Bottom line, I think he does know what he’s doing.  The Donald is a business-minded dude.  (And I say this even if he did declare bankruptcy 6 times (click here.) 

But being at least semi-business smart, the Don knows full well that the economy is improving and doing fairly well on its own, that crime and unemployment are way down and in general things are not as bad as his Make America Great Again spiel made it appear to be.   So him doing nothing is a good thing.  Just keep him golfing, tweeting and going to Mar-a-Wherever and we’ll all be fine.  

                                                                    (click here.)
As for his healthcare efforts, at least the issue is being examined and discussed on how to improve it.   (Trump himself acknowledged the other day that it’s a complicated issue.  Gee,  never knew that.)  Like most things Trumpian though, I doubt that anything comes of it, but at least we’re looking at and discussing it.  At some point in the process, I’m hoping that the Art of the Deal side of him kicks in and he can herd his kittens into making healthcare reform what he said it would be – bigger and better than before.  You go Donnie.   As he said about the black folks – we got nothing to lose.

So I am cautiously hopeful that the Trumpster will not be the bull in a china closet disaster some said he would be.   Then again, Myth Busters disproved that saying as follows:

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