French/English Lessons

Ok, the following is juvenile – literally!  Buy hey, the Buzzyblog isn’t here to do sophisticated political analysis.  So lets get to it. 

We got Melania who is 24 years younger than the Don.  And now France has their Presidential candidate Macron who is 24 years younger than his wife Brigette.   Macron has my vote just because he was smart enough to latch onto Brigette when she was his high school teacher (click here.)

Made me think back to when I was a Freshman student at Frostburg College and took an English class taught by a sexy older woman.  Her class was held at 1000 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it was the only class I had on Friday.  The bus schedule from Frostburg to D.C. was such that there was a 9 a.m. bus out of there but not another departure until 3 p.m. 

One Friday I chose to skip the English class and take the 9 o’clock bus.  As I was seated on the bus, the English instructor also boarded and as she walked down the aisle I tried to hide by holding up a magazine in front of my face.  However, I was seated on the aisle and she saw me.  Busted.

As she recognized me, she laughed and said something to the effect “I won’t tell if you don’t tell that we both skipped out.”  She took the seat across the aisle from me and we began to talk.  However, talking and leaning across the aisle became tiring and somewhere along the way, she got up and sat next to me in the window seat.  We conversed about things the rest of the way into D.C. and it was a very pleasant trip as a result.

When we got into the D.C. bus station we said our goodbyes and agreed to keep our skipping class a secret.  

Back in class for the rest of that semester things were definitely different between us.  Every once in awhile she would slip me a wink and a nice little smile and I never quite knew how to react.  Nothing more ever happened though.  I probably would have shit myself if she had made any other moves or suggestions.  However, looking back I often wonder if…..

P.S.  I did get an A in that class.

Good excuse to play some Van Halen for you.

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