I Know Your Mama She Don’t Like Me

If you missed Mothers Day last Sunday, just tell Mom you are waiting for the 27th of this month.  Here is why you can get away with this.

I asked the lady who cleans our house if her family was good to her on Mother’s Day.  She replied that her family does not celebrate Mother’s Day until 27 May.  She explained that this is per her Bolivian history and told me about a battle where the women defended a city.

I found this source that explains it (click here.)  The following is an excerpt from that account:

The 27th of May 1812 was the first time women participated in battle. In the year 1812 Latin-America was fighting to get their independence of Spain. The king of Spain sent general Goyeneche to the valleys of Cochabamba. This general was successful, but he had one plan left: The Heroines of the Hill. While the men were dying in a bloody battle, the women decided to defend their community by themselves. Under the orders of Josefa Manueal Gandarillas (who was elderly and blind) an army formed. The army consisted only of women, children and elders. They were armed with small weapons like saucepans and sticks. They scaled the Coronilla (San Sebastian Hill) with shouts of ‘Our home is sacred’, and carrying the image of Virgin of Mercy. On May 27th (1812), a day we will never forget, the inevitable happened. General Goyeneche and his army slaughtered hundreds of women. There was a lot of pain in the community, but through this pain grew new hope. The women who were killed are called now: ‘Heroinas de la Coronilla – Heroines of the Hill.’ Every year the Bolivian people celebrate Mother’s Day at the 27th of May and every year this date remembers millions of people of these heroic women who died in 1812. Today, their lives and the battle they lost are remembered as one of the most special days of the year. There is always a big party during Mother’s Day.

Don’t know whether or not Rosalita was Bolivian but who cares because this may just be Bruce’s greatest song.  (Even if seeing Clarence makes me a little sad that’s he’s since moved on:)

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