Crabcakes Seal the Deal

Sunday right?  All thoughts turn to – football.  Church?  Come on.  This scene from the movie  Concussion says it all.
Just my clumsy attempt to lay this Maryland-based football story on you. 

The Ravens were in need of a wide receiver and had their sights set on veteran Jeremy Maclin.  Having been in the NFL 8 years and knowing that this might just be his last big contract, Maclin was playing hard ball in his negotiations with the teams seeking his services.  The Ravens, although desperate for a wide receiver, only had so much cap salary money to offer Maclin who naturally wanted to maximize his deal.  Maclin was weighing offers from several other teams along with what the Ravens had on the table.

Enter restaurant Jimmy’s Seafood.   They initially offered Maclin free crab cakes for the life of the contract.  A day later they sweetened the deal by amending “length of your deal” to “for life.” 

Given such an offer that one can’t refuse, Maclin signed with the Ravens.

Turns out that this isn’t the first time that Jimmy’s has made such an offer to an athlete. Orioles’ Chris Davis and Manny Machado have similar deals with Jimmy’s (click here.) Here is an excerpt from that interview with Jimmie’s CEO:

Jimmy’s is a family run business in that two sons currently run the place that their father Jimmy started years ago.  I can relate to that.  Maybe then I should copy their idea and offer potential free agents free 10 ounce Buds at Buzzy’s Country Store if they sign with our local team(s.) 

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