I Got Mail

Amidst all the hoopla about the U.S. mail service, I recently received a couple of  items in the mail that made me smile and think “Wow, that doesn’t happen to me much anymore – getting something in the mail other than a bill or a piece of junk mail.”

First off, my friend Paula sent me a package containing Wally Lamb’s book Wishin’ and Hopin’ with a note saying that she knew I would appreciate it.  Wally writes about a young, Catholic school boy in the 60’s dealing with nuns and life in general and yes I did relate to all that.  Nice gift and a very nice thought.  Thank you Paula.

My second missive came from my cousin Joe who sent me a nice thank you note following Pam’s and my visit with him last week over in Fredericksburg.  On the way there, we picked up some stuffed ham from Chaptico Market to give to Joe.  Being the class act that he is, Joe then sent us a nice thank you  note.  And while it wasn’t really necessary that he did so, I still thought it that was cool that he took the time to do so.   Thank you for the thank you Joe.

Since these items may well be the last personal packages I ever receive via the US mail service, think I’m going to hang onto them for awhile.   Like Bruce discusses here, I know and appreciate the value of personal letters and how rare they are anymore. 

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