How Many Months Have 28 Days?

At the end of every month I find myself doing the does-this-month-have-30-or-31-days shuffle.  Usually I will recite in my head the trusty “Thirty days has September, April June and November” ditty to set me straight.  

But sometimes, when I don’t want to do all that remembering and thinking, I’ll resort to the knuckle method (pictured above.)  It takes a little longer to get there but it still works.    

Back to the “Thirty days hath” poem, limerick, saying, mnemonic, whatever the hell you want to call it, it got me wondering who came up with that?  Here is what Wiki had to say (click here.)   Note Groucho’s comment about this being the only poem that ever told you anything worthwhile.

Because my memory keeps backfiring on me, I thought that the opening lyric to this song was “It’s been 30 days” but it’s only 14.  I don’t know where I got 30 days from.  

However, the real puzzling line in the song comes at the 1:20 mark when his ex tells him “Lee, you haven’t loved me in nearly 4 years.”  Dude, now we know why she left you for your best friend.  The very best part of the song however, comes right after that verse with the great pause and then Lee comes back with “Whew.”  He may have been a one hit wonder but what a hit this was – literally! 


Answer to riddle title – all months have 28 days.

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