Anniversary Thoughts

They were married on this day in 1950 in San Antonio, Texas.  In 1953, they moved back to Maryland with my brother Stevie and me in tow to live at the Store with Anna and Harry my Mom’s folks.  

In 1954 they bought the business from Anna and Harry and together they made it work.  They added my sisters Donna Jean and Lila to the family and we all lived at the Store until we moved to a house built for us on Curley Road in 1965. 

They divorced in 1985 with Buzzy taking up full time residence in an apartment behind the Store.  Mom got the house;  Buzzy got the Store.  

Nevertheless, thru the subsequent years they remained very connected to one another and neither of them ever remarried.  (Click here for my previous discussion of how all that went down.)  Buzzy passed away in 2009 and Mom in November 2020.

I stopped by their final resting spots in St. Michael’s Graveyard yesterday to take this photo.   It occurred to me that on this their anniversary day, they are once again back together and will be for eternity.  But I smiled at the fact that even though they are once again together, they are still a little bit apart from one another too.  In death, as in life I guess.

When it came to great rock and roll relationships, check out how funny Cher and Letterman were thru the years of her appearing on his show. 

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