“Buzzy Seemed Like the Mayor”

Got a note from Jim Hackett, a former neighbor of mine from many years ago who lived here for several years before relocating back to the West Coast/San Francisco area.  I responded back to him with some updates on what I’ve been up to and he sent me the following email:

“Thanks for the reply. I sometimes still miss my time in So. Md. Everyone seemed to know everyone, close families-maybe too close- but everyone was a least on the same page down there. Sometimes. Always enjoyed my sojourn, although I think I spent the first few years before I moved down full time at the bar at Sheaffers with Chief and crew plus at Meatyard’s joint. When it was open!

Know Brady married Caitie. Always a sweetheart…. Loved her Uncle Merl. Might not admit that.

Good you are Buzzy Jr. The joint always seemed like a club. Later in the days guys hanging with your Dad, having a beer, kicking the can down the road. Buzzy seemed like the Mayor…..

Still here in SF. Managing three Apt Bldgs. Turned 77 in February. Gotta keep busy. Old age is in your head. At least as long as you have your health.”

Good to hear from Jim.  (I particularly liked his “Old age is in your head” line.  When I repeated it to Pam she quickly added “Until it’s not.”  Hate it when she comes up with qualifiers like that.)

Speaking of the SF area, I’ve played the Richie Havens’ version of this tune a couple of times previously for you.  It was written and originally done by Bay area musician Jesse Fuller: 


And happy Cinco De Mayo! Got some Corona and Modello chilled and ready for you to celebrate with later today.

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