Dave Jarrell

I knew from talking with Dave in Buzzy’s Country Store that he was a “been everywhere, done that” kind of guy even if he didn’t boast nor brag about it.  Right up there with Charlie Simms, Dave had many life experiences and it was always my pleasure to talk with him about his storied past.  

One day not long ago Dave thanked me for having Buzzy’s around as he told me “All my life I have dreamed of living in a big house on the water where I could crab and fish anytime I wanted.  I finally realized that dream when I moved down here.  Buzzy’s is a bonus for me.”

His obit, written by his younger brother Malcolm,  gives you a good idea what Dave and his life well lived was all about.  What the obit doesn’t tell you is that Dave was one of the nicest and kindest of guys one would ever meet.  He was a true “gentle man” and I, along with all my Buzzy friends, will miss him very much.

Here are a couple excerpts from his obit but I encourage you to read the entire account of Dave’s life (click here.)  

As noted in his obit, Dave’s final hour was spent tending to his boat Beats Working.  Here’s a nice little video featuring a Kenny Chesney boat tune with the great line “I let God do what He does.” 

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