Lots of things going on this weekend, so don’t let a little rain slow your roll.  Pick one and get out the house.   (Of course, Buzzy’s front porch will be dry and uncrowded if you are not up for any formal, prime time events.)

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Seeing a couple things going on at Historic St. Mary’s City made me drop by there the other day to pickup some brochures to have on hand at Buzzy’s Country Store.  In addition to the above events that the Commission is having this weekend, they are open Wednesdays thru Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.  

I had a couple in the Store the other day who had just visited the St. Mary’s City Historic Commission and couldn’t say enough about how great an experience it was.  They told me how they were museum buffs and loved visiting local museums wherever they went.  

They noted how impressed they were with the overall quality of the museums that the County had to offer.  I asked them what other museums they had been to and they said that they had checked out the Calvert Marine Museum, the Pax River Air Museum and the Piney Point Light House Museum.  They said that they enjoyed all of them and looked forward to returning to the area so that they could visit the several other museums that we had.  They concluded by saying how blessed we were to have so many great museums in our area.   
That conversation led me to lookup just what museums appear on our County website:
Museums – St. Mary’s County, MD (

My thanks to my museum visitors for pointing out to me something that I never really thought about, nor fully appreciated, as to how museum rich we are.  I know that museums tend to have a “stuffiness” about them that’s not everyone’s thing.  (Buzzy’s take on museums comes to my mind – if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to ’em all.)   However, it is kinda cool that we have so many nice museums right here in our backyard even if we don’t visit them very much! 

I will leave you with the only museum joke I know and I gotta warn you that it is a lame one.

A man was arrested just after he had tried robbing a museum.  When asked why he got caught, the robber replied “I didn’t have the Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh.”  

Told you it was lame but here is Don McLean’s take on spending some time in a museum:

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