To Hear or Not to Hear? Why, Of Course I’ll Have Another Beer!

Every time some dude comes into Buzzy’s Country Store and I notice that he is afflicted with PTT, I smile thinking back to a David Letterman skit where I first heard of this phenomena known as Pants Too Tight. 

In the skit, Letterman described the illness as he showed a series of photos such as these two:  

This syndrome usually befalls middle aged dudes, but I have noticed that younger bucks are also prone to it.  My conclusion is that saying goodbye to those old jeans and dockers that one has outgrown is very hard to do.  

Yet, I don’t really mind dealing with the PTT-afflicted fellas.  They are usually pleasant enough, even if it may take them a little longer to fish their money out of their pockets to pay for their purchases.  Bottom line (no pun intended)  is that dealing with the PTTers is not a problem.

Conversely, there is another group of aged Buzzy dudes with an affliction that I do have some problems with.  I call them my SDDers – those Semi-Deaf Dudes who should be wearing a hearing aid, but won’t do so for various reasons (click here.)  

Currently, there are 3 or 4 of my Everyday Buzzy Friends who need and should be wearing a hearing aid.  Conversations with these folks in Buzzy’s involves repeating things to them and making adjustments to either be on their “good side” i.e. the side with the ear that they can hear out of, or to speak louder to them.  When 2 or more of them try to converse with one another, their exchanges can sometimes spin out comically like shown here in the following cartoon:    

I did suggest to one of my SDDers that he get a hearing aid and much to my surprise he did so.  (Turns out that I wasn’t the only one bugging/advising him to do this as he was also getting that suggestion from other friends and family members.)   However, despite his spending a lot of money on the aid, he doesn’t always wear it.  Thus, whenever he comes into Buzzy’s, I make it a point to see if he is wearing the aid and thus know how much of a conversation to try and have with him.   

As for conversing with my other Buzzy SDDers, I continue to do so by orienting to their good side, speaking louder, repeating things before they ask me to do so and in general try to remain as patient with them as I can.  However, I do all of this when what I really want to say to them, ok, make that yell at them is “Get a fricking hearing aid.” 

Not my favorite Who song but appropriate “hear.” (That pun was intended.)

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