The Houdini Code

Ever heard of something called the Houdini Code?  Well, neither had I until someone in Buzzy’s Country Store mentioned it the other day.  It’s a good Halloween story for you featuring Harry Houdini who died on Halloween in 1926.  For an article that goes into detail on how Houdini came up with the Code as another way to debunk the whole spiritualist/seance movment click here .

Before he died, Houdini and his wife Bess came up with a secret code “Rosabelle – Believe” that he would use if he ever came back via a spiritualist, a seance or whatever other medium there was around to interact with Bess.  This video/song relates the story along with the song that inspired them to choose that for part of the Houdini Code.  Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller does a good job here explaining all this even the surprising little twist at the end.

Maybe I should start working on a Buzzy Code a la something involving say, Black Velvet.

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