Going to Graceland

Yesterday in rock history marked the day that Elvis purchased his Memphis mansion Graceland (click here.)

This Day In Rock History | Page 13 | Classic Rock Forum (classicrockforums.com)

To catch wife Priscilla giving a tour of Graceland (click here.)  I have discussed previously (click here) how Buzzy’s and my last trip was a bus tour with one of the stops being at Graceland.  We were supposed to have stayed in a nice downtown Memphis hotel within walking distance of Beale Street.  However, our guide informed us that Katrina victims had been relocated to our hotel and we had to relocate to another hotel farther away and not as nice.  

When we checked into the hotel, Buzzy noted “I think our tour guide made that up because this hotel isn’t hitting on much.  Looks like they would have put the Katrina folks here and keep letting the tourists stay in the one downtown.  They’re just saving money putting us up way out here.”  To read about our subsequent visit to Graceland (click here.)

Buzzy Posing With the King

Guess I should play an Elvis tune, but this one seems more appropriate with the great line “I have reason to believe, we will both be received in Graceland.”  Still, it’s a rather sad song. 

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