Music and BBQ (Subtitle Beach Boys and Buzzy’s)

Buzzy’s Music and BBQ event yesterday went quite well and a big thanks to all of you who dropped in and checked it out. Weather was nice, food and music were good and everyone had a great time. We may just have to do it again.

Bushmill Band Greg Penk, Ted Yeatman, John Garner and Randy Stillwell

Thank you (x4) to the Bushmill Band for being able to play some music for us on short notice. I called John on Tuesday and he was able to talk his bandmates Ted, Greg and Randy into coming down to Buzzy’s and playing on a hot Sunday in August. Someone joked with me that the Calvert Marine Museum may have had the Beach Boys, but Buzzy’s had the Bushmill Boys.

Ridge Deli BBQ Gurus Andrea and Dave

Thanks also to Richard Hutchens of Ridge Deli for orchestrating the BBQ operation and getting his crew down to Buzzy’s for the day. Richard had to mind the Ridge Market Sunday and couldn’t get away to enjoy the Buzzy fun. All the more reason for us to try and do this again in the future.

Also, I’d like to thank my main guy Brian for not only his helping me out yesterday but for all that he does for me in general. Thank you Brian! (I may even have to get a better photo of you than this one I took of you yesterday.)

I heard some mixed reviews of the Beach Boys’ Solomons’ Show, but overall everyone I talked to seemed to have enjoyed themselves. (Is it just me who is still amazed that we would ever have the Beach Boys, 4 Tops and Temptations all playing in Southern Maryland?!) Speaking of doing it again, here are the Beach Boys back in the day, in their prime on the Ed Sullivan show. Their great harmonies you expect of course, but check out Carl’s guitar solo and Dennis on drums. Surprised me a little at how hard they rocked. One video quibble though, their keyboardist (not sure if it was their Brother Brian) didn’t get any camera time here. Wonder what that was all about? Maybe he pissed Ed off somewhere along the line (click here.)

Only Beach Boy joke I know is this very lame one but since it’s a Monday, what the hell!

Beach Boys walk into a bar:



“Get a round?”

“I’ll get a round.”

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