Leonardtown Mural Pt. 2

Knowing that I had done some previous Buzzyblog posts on County murals, my friend Lois Williams informed me of another mural in Leonardtown. (I have previously mentioned what is referred to as The Leonardtown Mural (click here.)

So just the other day as I was doing some errands in L’town, I tracked down the mural Lois mentioned. Here is a photo I took of it. The mural’s title is Alice in Leonardtown:

I found this Baynet article discussing how mural creators Tom Rogers and Dan Ropp came up with it (click here.) Tom is quoted as saying “we wanted a feast for the eyes…” and he and Dan certainly came up with one.

Finding the Alice mural is a little like Alice herself on a journey as you need to look around for it. Best directions I can give you is that the mural is on a storage facility located across the parking lot from the Good Earth Health Food Store. If you don’t know where the Health Food Store is good luck and just drive around til you find it and the mural.

With apologies to Alice in Chains, there really is only one song to play here right?

Thank you Lois!

Final thought – wouldn’t Nelson Dean’s old barn make for a good mural site?

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