Rt. 66 – Pt. 2

On the road again with another Buzzyblog Rt. 66 post. (Yep, it is so famous that it merits an encore appearance here on the Buzzyblog.)

Following its Buzzyblog appearance last week, I received a couple of interesting comments and messages about Rt. 66 as follows.

Jim Van Dien posted this nice photo of his wife Laura posing when they motored west on Rt. 66 just last spring:

Then my friend Susan Mazuc sent me the following website discussing how over half of Rt. 66’s 2,400 miles passes through American Indian country with over 25 tribes:

You can download an excellent digital travel guide on American Indians and Rt. 66 (click here.) And yes, Rt. 66 goes right thru Charlie Simms’ hometown of Vinita, Oklahoma where and he and his Cherokee ancestors resided and grew up. (I am betting that Charlie probably even helped initially build Rt. 66 back in the day.)

To provide you with a musical aspect of Rt. 66, Eric Brotherton directed me to the following video showing how Rt. 66 actually plays music when you drive over it.

In addition to the above Rt. 66 connections, I have had visitors in Buzzy’s Country Store tell me their experiences in driving across it. The overall consensus seemed to be that it was something you did once to say that you did it, but it was also something that you never needed nor had to do again.

Since I started off by saying it, I will conclude with it too:

Wonder How Many Times Willie Has Traveled Rt. 66!

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