Three Signs of Spring

Had a request in Buzzy’s Country Store for bloodworms yesterday. If I felt more creative today, I would attempt to write something about how this is a sure sign of spring similar to robins appearing and/or early birds catching the worms or something to that effect. However, I am not feeling very creative today, so I’ll stash that idea in the to-do pile of possible future Buzzy blogposts.

But a second and third hint that spring is just around the corner came on Saturday. A would-be-customer asked when I was getting more Buzzy t-shirts in for sale. Shortly after that inquiry, I fielded a question about purchasing one of the Mary Lou Troutman prints of Buzzy’s Country Store:

Combined, these requests made me focus on getting ready for “the season.” Chesapeake Embroidery here I come for shirts. (I already made a call to Mary Lou for some of her prints of the Store.) Regarding the bloodworms however, gonna wait a bit longer on that. In this case, the early bird ain’t getting no worm(s!)

Speaking of birds, was this not one of the worst songs ever recorded?! (Then again, it is soooo horrible, that it is actually pretty good! How is that possible?)

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