Don’t Look Back – Too Much

Goodbye to September and note that in doing so, I have amended Satchel’s advice above to read “too much.”

At the end of each month I do a quick look back at the Buzzyblog posts for the month to make sure I am not repeating myself too much. Note that I repeat myself enough without the caveat that repeating ones’ self is what old people do on a regular basis.

My daughter Reagan once critiqued the Buzzyblog when she advised me “A little heavy on the sports, Dad.” Ever since Reagan’s critique then, at the end of each month I do a quick look back just to see what I said. (See Yogi meme below.)

Obviously when I do my look back, I check out the sports items not only because of Reagan’s advice, but also because in September it was easy to have gotten carried away what with football starting up and baseball pennant races heating up. This year too we had the Orioles kicking ass, so the temptation naturally would have been to do more on that front.

However, looking back I see that I only did a couple of sports-related posts mostly because I refrained from talking about the O’s too much for fear of jinxing them. I did begin a mid-month Monday Morning Quarterback feature but promised to not talk exclusively about football. (Believe me I have enough MMQ’s in Buzzy’s Country Store that can provide non-football blog material for many Monday’s to come.)

On the other hand as I did my look back, I noted that most Buzzyblog posts featured upcoming events such as the RVFD Social, Artillery Days at Pt. Lookout and several other events around the County. When I do these “Things-to-do” posts, I usually try and cite what’s going on specifically in South County as a way to entice folks to head our way and in turn visit the Store. Call it marketing and yes it occasionally works.

Rant-wise, I always check published Buzzyblog posts to make sure there aren’t too many of them where I sound like the angry old guy yelling at people to get off his lawn. (The irony of trying to avoid rant posts is that thru the years I have found that they are the ones that seem to generate the most response and feedback from readers. Guess everybody likes to hear an old fart bitch about something that pisses them off too!)

September I wasn’t too cranky; but I did unload on some questionable subjects such as the price of donuts, folks using the Buzzy bathroom without buying anything and my paying $5 just to pee at a Jimmy Buffett concert. (Note to self – watch overuse of “bathroom humor” in future posts.) I thought “Gee, hope I’m not sounding like Andy Rooney complaining about nothing.”

In September, I kept any Buzzyblog posts regarding my personal comings and goings to a minimum. This was mostly because I didn’t go anywhere.

I did mention attending a funeral for a friend in Arlington. However, I did not say anything about another funeral this past month that involved a close family member who died in a very tragic accident. It was just too painful to do so. Sometimes it’s what you don’t say that says the most.

But to leave you on a humorous and a baseball-related note, all of this reminds me of a Yogi meme I saw the other day:

Music-wise, in September I played more than one Jimmy Buffett tune for you, but not my favorite of his here done by Dave. Lots of great lines: “You’ve seen it all.” “Never meant to last.” “Been drunk now over 2 weeks.” “Just a few friends” and of course “Made enough money to buy Miami but…..” (There again with those pee references! I promise to do better in October!)

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