Twofer Tuesday – Love and Baseball

Saw this meme quoting Yogi and wanted to pass it along. Can you believe he put love above baseball?! Come on Yogi, maybe you were looking for love in all the wrong places!

MLB wild card playoffs commence today with 4 games on tap. This first round over the course of the next three days is a 2 out of 3 series with the winner advancing.

As always, we’ll have the games on at Buzzy’s Country Store so you can drink and root root root for the home team if that’s what makes your putter flutter.

Just a passing thought here, but wouldn’t a 40 year anniversary rematch of the 1983 “I-95 World Series” between between the Orioles and Phillies be cool? Then again, if you are a real old fart like me, a Dodgers’/O’s re-run of that 1966 Series would be great too. (Here is some baseball trivia for you. That 66 World Series marked the first and only time that 2 players on the opposing teams had also played against each other in a Little League World Series:

And since Yogi started all of this, I’ve no choice but to play the following: