Buzzy’s Memorial Day Party – Saturday 24 May

Years back we use to have a Memorial Day Party with food, music, the WPTX Go Wagon etc. (The picture here is from the first of those events and the weather cooperated.) However, the following years’ parties were rained out. We’re going to try again this Saturday and hope it doesn’t rain!

We’ll start the grill around 4:00 and have some hot dogs going but feel free to bring anything else you may want to fry up. Polock is going to crank up the music and we’ll jam thru the evening. Hope you can make it!

(Pictured seated from left to right are Uncle Cotton Ridgell, Shorty Miller, Wilbur Saunders and Gene Yarber. No one knows who is the shirtless dude behind the truck mirror but it is not Mike Fenhagen even though there is a resemblence and similar sense of style!)

One thought on “Buzzy’s Memorial Day Party – Saturday 24 May

  1. That is SO Mike Fenhagen behind that mirror!! I am his daughter and my mother & I both agree that HAS to be him! Just because he may not have been of legal age to drink at the time this picture was taken, doesnt mean this wasnt him; afterall we are talking about Mike.

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