Monday – post Father’s Day

Ryan and Mike hanging loose in Hawaii

Father’s Day was a good one in the Ridgell households as Dad went up to Todd and Sherry’s for a cookout and I had my guys down to the store for a cookout. Brady and Molly, Shea and Nicki along with Shawn and Lily and Reagan all joined Pam, Jenny and me at the store to celebrate Dad’s day and it was great! Shea brought some of the fattest and spiciest hard crabs I’ve ever had and we topped that off with an orange cake (my favorite) made by Molly. Reagan bought me the new John Fogerty CD and Nicki and Shea presented me with a gift card to Lowes. Steamed crabs, new music, cake, gift cards – it just doesn’t get any better does it!? I broke out the old baseball gloves and we threw the ball around a bit until my arm got sore!

I also heard from Ryan from Honolulu and she passed along this picture of her, Mike Fenhagen and the sushi man. Mike is in Hawaii doing important work for the United States Navy and rendezvoused with Ryan during a break in his work schedule. One day last week he called from somewhere out in the Pacific and instructed us to give everyone in the store a round on him. We always thought Lou Gentry calling from El Paso was our longest distanced round buyer but Mike wins the prize with this latest round.

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