Don’t Forget Paul Cooper!

Someone pointed out to me that if you double click on the picture below it will enlarge and you will see Paul Cooper just peaking out on the right just behind the Slim Jims. Paul used to watch the store for Dad usually on Friday nights. There is a funny story I’ll relay some other time about an individual coming into the store with his sawed off shot gun ready to do some harm and Paul talking him out of doing so. (That this individual is still around and still has the shot gun, I’m thinking maybe I’ll hold off on telling this just-another-night-at Buzzy’s story for awhile longer.)

Back to the picture, there is also someone directly behind John Eaker but no one seems to recall who it is. I’ll continue to check some other pictures and see who the mystery dude is. Would be too weird if it was our shotgun guy wouldn’t it?)

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