Happy Birthday Steve and Jack Price!

Today is my brother Steve’s birthday and also Jack Price’s. (Jack and his older brother Elmon grew up in a house that used to be right across the road from the store. The house, owned by their mother Leola, was torn down when the new road came through and straightened out the turn.) In a funny bit of coincidence Jack and my brother Steve were born on the same day exactly 10 years apart: Jack in 1942 and Steve in 1952. Adding to the coincidence, Elmon was born on 14 February 1941 and I was born on 12 February 1951.

The picture above helps explain the one I posted awhile back that showed Steve and Buzzy joking around at the counter. Steve was presenting Dad with the latest Bruno which was a gift from all those in this picture. From right to left are – Bobby Demko, Steve, Rufus Gough, Dad, Pat John Forest, Steve Lengle, John Eaker, John Raley, Kenny Downs and Bart Mettam.

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