El Charles (Pt. 2) And Other Bars of Yore

Couple of folks asked me about the El Charles reference in the previous post and guess I’m guilty of showing my age.

Years ago the El Charles was a bar located on the turn just below the Rt. 235 and 5 intersection. The Hideaway Bar was located on the corner of Wynne Road and Rt. 5 and right across from that was Hike and Louise’s/Joe Rapp’s Bar. (I’ve heard talk of there also being an establishment known as Snyder’s Corner right at the intersection but that really was before my time.) Continuing south on Rt. 5, just below the El Charles was J. Frank Raley’s Motel, Bar and Restaurant (today’s Boatman’s); Ross Raley with a bar in his store where the Tru Value is today and Rosie Hewlett’s bar just in on Fresh Pond Neck Road.

Below Buzzy’s was the Tanglewood Inn above the Scotland Post Office; Cornfield Harbor run by Boob Dunbar; Mae Morgan’s/Duffy’s – now site of John and Lenore Carbone’s residence – at Scotland Beach; and at the end of the line was Pt. Lookout Hotel.

Let’s put it this way you wouldn’t have to travel very far to have a drink once you entered the Ridge/Scotland/Point Lookout area!

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