Happy August – Baseball Time of Year

This Thursday Brady and I will be in Phoenix for our annual baseball and football trip catching the Cardinals/Saints game one night and the Diamondbacks another. Our touring of ball parks stems from Brady’s birthday being in August and when he was younger, we would celebrate it by catching an Orioles’ game. Later we began visiting different stadiums in different cities. One year Shea and Reagan accompanied us as we made it up the East Coast catching the Orioles, Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox and Mets in a 5 day span! Since we have visited most of the cities/areas that have 2 baseball teams we’re now taking in an NFL pre-season game along with a baseball game. Last year we caught the Rockies and Broncos in Denver. The picture above was taken in Arlington Texas where we visited a couple years back.

Thanks to Pam bringing him down Saturday, Buzzy was at the store checking things out. (He told me I needed to get some gallon jugs of water to sell and that I had too many alewives in the bait bags.)

I took him to check in with the VA doctor in Charlotte Hall today and she seemed ok with how he’s doing but wants us to come back in a couple of weeks for a followup. If any of you are in the Lexington Park area and have a few minutes, drop by to see him in Room 103 at Bayside Care Center on Great Mills road just up from McKay’s store.

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