The Buzzys, Pawn Shops and Buzzy Down on the Farm

Brady and I made it back from Phoenix where we caught some ball games and visited our cousin Jason and his wife Lauren. While visiting with them we played the video game Rock Band under the name of the Buzzys and did well enough to advance one level up from playing in a dive to playing in a small club. (I may have to install this game in the store and have all aspiring rock stars compete for beers. )

Speaking of music, check out the following link which is music video sent to me from Brian Barnhill (warning it’s a bit of a tear jerker:) Reminds me of Edwin Starr’s “War, huh – whatizit good for – absolutely nothing!”

I brought Buzzy down to the store yesterday where he stayed for awhile and then went down to the farm with Donna for a visit. We’re planning a party for Sunday 31 August so circle your calendars!

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